Message from the Chairman

The New millennium has put forward the challenge of producing well-equipped lawyers who can make their services available to the different spheres in which the use of lawyering service was hitherto unknown. We have witnessed that in the recent past quite a few law teaching institutions have come up in India to pursue the policy of producing new generation – lawyers for satisfying the requirements of the industry. But in most cases the initiatives were taken by the governments and the institutes were established in affluent State Capitals. The establishment of the Haldia Law College has set a new paradigm for twofold reasons.Firstly, the project was a private one and secondly, the College was established not in the Sate Capital but in Haldia. Purba Medinipur, West Bengal.The young and energetic faculty of the college is working tirelessly to achieve the highest pedagogic standards.The problem-oriented and fact-based teaching methods employed by the College help the students to understand the real social and legal predicaments of our society and thus, apprises them of the challenges waiting for them when they join the profession of Law.

The College, through its legal awareness programme and the Legal Aid Clinic, is playing a key role in sensitizing the deprived section of the society especially the women on Human Rights and Gender Justice issues.

The College offers Five-Year as well Three-Year Courses. The College introduced for the first in Semester based Three-Year LL.B. course. A remarkable milestone that College has achieved is the inauguration of LL.M. course on and from 2010.

I have no doubt in my mind that the College does possess the necessary academic commitments to emerge as a premier institution of learning in law and jurisprudence in the days to come. I hope that the College shall fulfill the needs of those students who aspire to become good lawyers and eminent personalities in the field of law.

Sri Laxman Seth,