Haldia Law College

The college, an Institution of Indian centre for Advancement of Research and Education (ICARE), is affiliated to Vidyasagar University and approved by the Bar Council of India was established in the year 2002 to provide opportunity for all those aspiring students who want to be a legal eagle in the days to come. This college has been the nurturing ground for not only the students who reside in this state but also throughout India.
Haldia Law college provides the full nurturing of ones talent to be a leader in the legal field and most importantly a good human being.

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Courses Offered

1. Five-Year Integrated B.A. LL.B(Hons.)

2. Three-Year LL.B

3. Two-Year LL.M

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Important News

About Haldia Law College

The College, an institution of Indian Centre for Advancement of Research and Education (ICARE), is affiliated to Vidyasagar University and approved by the Bar Council of India. The main object of establishing HLC is to produce new generation of lawyers by providing quality legal education through innovative techniques. HLC keeps pace with the fast-changing technology and the on-going process of globalization by providing the scope of in-depth research in the interactive dimensions of law, economics and society. HLC not only looks at law as an instrument for social change and human well-being but also considers law as an effective managerial tool for rule-based economic governance.
The Law College at Haldia is buttressed with the surrounding ICARE Institutions like Engineering College, Paramedical College and the Institute of Maritime Studies and Research and thus provides the most perfect and congenial atmosphere for interdisciplinary studies in Law, in its real sense.
The College offers Five-Years Integrated B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) Course , Three-Years LL.B. Course and Two years LL.M. course. A student whether of the LL.B. Course or the LL.M. Course, is exposed to a wide range of branches of law. The highly innovative curriculum followed by the College not only adheres to the recommendations of the Bar Council of India but it includes papers which go well with the ground reality of Haldia like, Marine Law, Environmental Law or Port Management and Law.
The College campus with a majestic building architecture as a temple of Justice ensures personal attention and care of the students. The College also follows a non-traditional teacher-student relationship and continuous system of evaluation to assess the performance of a student from the day when he/she steps into the College so that examination does not become a mere test of memory.
The College has got the perfect ambience to establish itself as a centre of distinction in legal studies and research and we all are putting in the most serious and genuine efforts for achieving the desired professional and academic excellence.


ICARE is a registered society dedicated to promote, establish, maintain and manage educational institutions of excellence in Haldia and its suburbs. The society is managed by a Board of Governors comprising of eminent personalities who aspire to make Haldia a city of institutions of learning. ICARE is helping the aspiring students to pursue careers of their dream by setting up institutions of higher learning in specialized fields of science, technology, management and medicine. Besides Haldia Law College, so far ICARE has established Haldia Institute of Technology, Global Institute of Science and Technology, Haldia Institute of Maritime Studies and Research, Vidyasagar Primary Teachers’ Training Institute, College of Paramedical Science, Institute of Education and Haldia Institute of Languages .
ICARE is currently making endeavor for setting up Ayurvedic College, Medical College and Hospital, Nursing Training Institute, Haldia Institute of Management. Keeping in mind the social welfare objectives, ICARE grants free studentship and also assists the talented, enthusiastic and deserving students to get scholarship from different organizations.